About Me

Hi there! I am Nicole of Nevertheless, Nicole. I’m just an average 20-something in Philadelphia trying to live my best life!

That’s me… doing my day job in sports!

By day, I am a sports marketer. When I’m not at work, you can probably find me out walking my dog Pepper or at a local BYOB with my boyfriend Taylor. I’m big on sushi, wine and HGTV. I’m also pro beach days, naps and books (sometimes all together!) I’m anti-patriarchy and fast food but pro-holistic health.

The loves of my life, Taylor and Pepper!

I love our life in our little city condo but let me tell you, it can be COMPLICATED. I’m attracted to this urban lifestyle for everything it has going on but it can get overwhelming quickly. And I have a lot of ambition to try everything under the sun (hello blogging!) So every day I am trying to find ways of making life a little easier, prettier and happier. If something doesn’t accomplish at least one of those things, is it really worth it? I’m here to be that friend whose opinion you always trust and your voice of reason when things go haywire. I may not have seen it all yet, but I’m here to figure things out, share them with you and hopefully leave you with a smile!

For more on why this blog is different, head over to my Blog Mission page.

Thanks for coming over to the blog!